• What can I track with gps365 and what is not possible?

    gps365 supports the live tracking of cars, trucks and other motorized vehicles, e.g. construction vehicles or forklifts. Our customers have even used our system to track containers, trains and yachts.

    Please be aware that our system does not support the tracking of people, pets or bikes.

  • Can I use gps365 while I am out and about (e.g. on my smartphone)?

    Of course! Our interface is optimized for the use on various devices (smartphones, tables and computers).

  • What benefits does gps365 offer?

    Describing all the different possibilities to profit from our system would certainly go beyond the scope of this section.

    Generally speaking gps365 makes your fleet transparent and thus offers you numerous ways to reduce expenses and in the same time increase your efficiency and the productivity of your employees. Therefore the initial outlay for gps365 usually recovered after just a few months.

    Our most common use case is definitely the automated logbook which saves you from unnecessary work and most of all from hassles with the tax authorities. In order to get the most out of our system we would be glad to offer you tailor-made solutions for your specific use case.

  • Can I share my trackers with other users?

    Our plan "gps365 Professional" gives you the possibility to add additional users for which you can assign individual permission for your trackers.

    By doing so you can allow your employees to make additions to their individual logbook autonomously without granting them access to the live tracking.

  • How accurate is the live tracking?

    Our trackers send their position every 5 seconds while the vehicle is driving. Therefore our live tracking offers you an experience almost in real-time.

    The accuracy mainly depends on the number of satellites the tracker is connected to. With our OBD2 plug & play tracker, the satellite reception can vary depending on where the OBD2-port is located in your car. With our hard-wired TR2000 assembly tracker we can usually offer an accuracy of less than a meter.

  • How long do you store my data?

    Your logbooks are available for you for 7 years.

  • Which data export options do you offer?

    You can download/export your logbooks as Excel or PDF files.

    In order to connect external systems we offer a range of interfaces for live data as well as historic data.

  • What about contract commitments?

    We rely on 100 % customer satisfaction instead of long term contracts. In case you are not fully satisfied you can cancel your gps365 account at any time.

    Our plans are billed monthly in advance. Whenever you cancel your account you will be able to continue using gps365 until the end of your current billing period. Afterwards we will not be charged anymore.

  • What payment methods do you offer?

    You can pay conveniently with debit-/credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB).

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